The Difference Between Term Life Insurance And Whole Life Insurance

When it comes to keeping you and your family insured, many do not know what type of life insurance is best for them. There are many differences in term life insurance and whole life insurance, the question is, which one is better for your situation? Brazelton Insurance goes in depth about each type, as well as how it accommodates your needs.

Term Life Insurance:

Term life insurance plans only last for a certain period of time, whether it be 5 years or 20 years. These policies only will cover your death benefits if it were to occur during the specific amount of time. For example, if you purchased a term life insurance plan at 40 years of age for 10 years. If death occurred at age 60 and you did not renew your policy, your beneficiaries will not receive any of the death benefits. However, term life insurance is a beneficial plan for those with limited incomes who cannot afford more coverage.

Whole Life Insurance:

Whole life insurance plans entitle the customer to protection for their whole life. From the start of the insurance plan, to the day the insured policyholder passes, they will be covered. In addition, the beneficiaries will be provided the death benefits, only if the individual has been keeping up to date on paying their premiums.

Another benefit to whole life insurance is the offering of cash surrender value. This value increases annually and cannot be reversed once initiated. The policyholder may borrow or surrender the plan for the cash value it is worth, as well as stop paying premiums and exchange the plan for a term life insurance plan.

Based on your situation, it may be difficult to pick which insurance plan is the best for you. Brazelton Insurance Group is here to help you pick the most appropriate insurance policy for your situation, contact us today for a free consultation.

Disability Insurance

Life can be tough sometimes, especially when you and your family are experiencing a disability problem that upsets the annual financial income. Cases like this include someone in the family having a stroke, diagnosed with cancer, or a heart attack can immensely affect your financial income even with health and life insurance. Individuals with long-term disability insurance through their employer still only receive around half of their initial paycheck, which leaves a large dent in the checkbook. Studies show that a young worker has a 25% chance of becoming disabled before they reach retirement age.

In order to prevent your annual income from being greatly reduced, we here at Brazelton Insurance are here to prepare you in case of an illness or disability.

Critical Illness Insurance

If you or a family member were to experience a catastrophic health event, such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack, it is wise to establish a critical insurance plan. This will accompany your health insurance plan in order to prevent you from paying all of the large sums of expenses.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security provides exceptional benefits to those with long-term illnesses that are expected to last over a year or result in death. The benefits supplied to the person will help aid them through the rough time they are experiencing due to a disability.

Disability Income Insurance

In the event of you encountering a more general case of an illness or serious accident, disability income insurance is here to help you with a monthly benefit. This will contribute to your occupation salary, bonuses, and commissions.

If you or a loved one goes through one of the critical illnesses or disabilities listed above and feel entitled to disability insurance, contact us at Brazelton Insurance Group. We will help you determine the type of insurance that is suitable for your situation.

How To Stay Covered When Traveling

Most people do not feel reassured that there Medicare will not cover them for accidents or illnesses when they are traveling outside of the United States. This leads many to resort to travel insurance which includes benefits with travel delays, lost luggage, and medical instances. You would not have a home without house insurance, a car without auto insurance, and you certainly cannot have a trip without travel insurance.

Travel insurance covers the following:

Medical emergency costs/assistance
Travel expenses when going home unexpectedly
Travel delay/cancellation charges
Lost personal belongings
Credit card fraud and replacement
Legal fees

With travel insurance, you will have the peace of mind that you are insured and if something goes wrong, you will not have to worry about the additional expenses in any foreign land. Any disturbance such as personal belongings lost, an injury occurs, or a flight is cancelled, you will be reimbursed.

Our insurance group at Brazelton Insurance is here to cover your travel costs. When planning to travel outside of the country, It is smart to find a travel insurance agent directly rather than using a general travel agent to ensure you are insured fully. In addition to, it is essential to ask your travel insurance agent questions regarding how far the coverage goes to guarantee you are covered. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about travel insurance, contact us at Brazelton Insurance Group today.

Your Life Insurance Needs with Retirement

The whole idea of life insurance is to ensure your life assets are safe and secure, such as health and income for your entire life. This can include retirement, however, many people are questioning if life insurance is needed after retiring. When a person is young and working, they usually have a life insurance policy in place to provide for their family if an emergency or death occurs. Once that person retires, the children are generally out of the house and there is no income to protect. This leads them to contemplating their life insurance plan.

Reasons to consider life insurance include the following:

Secured Finances – Life insurance may be vital to you if there is an individual such as a child, spouse, or family member relying on your financial income.

An Individual Who Relies on You – If there is still someone who relies on your financial income, then it is smart to keep your life insurance plan.

Final Expenses – You do not want to leave your family with your final expenses which include estate taxes and funeral costs. Life insurance when you are retired protects this from happening.

Speak to Your Insurance Agent

It is wise to be prepared with your life insurance plan in place as soon as possible. If retirement is approaching for you, it is important to check over your life insurance needs and what you believe you or your family members will need. Retirement planning can be difficult concerning with the idea of life insurance needs, be sure to carefully check what will be necessary in the event of an emergency or death. For more information with retirement and your life insurance needs, contact us today at Brazelton Insurance Group.

Situations that Homeowner´s Insurance Policies Do Not Cover

It is important for someone to know that their insurance policy will help them recover in most, if not all unexpected events. Even though homeowner´s insurance covers many of the unfortunate situations that are thrown at you in life, there are exclusions within most policies. Situations that you should be sure you are protected from include but are not limited to the following:

Wear and Tear
Over time, it is natural for appliances and electronics to stop working in your house. Everyday necessities may break down, and it is important to know that homeowner´s insurance does not cover these unexpected breakdowns. Purchasing equipment breakdown coverage should be considered for replacing all items that fail to work over time.

Water Damage
Your house is at risk from flooding damages if you live in an area where it frequently rains or if you live near a body of water. Separate flood insurance is necessary to cover losses from a flood, because homeowner´s insurance policies do not cover them.

Termite Infestation
Devastation of your home can be caused by an infestation of termites, which would damage support beams and a variety of wood features in a home. It is estimated that $5 billion worth of damage is caused by termites in the U.S. every year. Termite damage is not covered by homeowner´s insurance, so it is important to seek early intervention to prevent this type of destruction.

Certain states like Nevada, California, and Washington are extremely prone to earthquakes. The devastation of earthquakes typically are not covered by regular homeowner´s insurance policies. To protect yourself from a devastation like an earthquake, it is crucial to purchase a separate policy.

To learn more about exclusions in your homeowner’s policy, or to figure out what type of insurance is best for you, contact Brazelton Insurance Group today. Brazelton Insurance will provide you with what you need to live a less complex live, even throughout the unfortunate times.

Who Needs Arborist Insurance?

About 120 Arborists have died on the job, as stated in an report from OSHA. Statistics have shown veteran arborists are more likely to have a higher fatality rate due to the professional gain experience and they also get the riskier jobs. Keep in mind, a fully grown tree weighs about 10 tons. These Arborists face injuries from falling tree trunks and branches. When being in this type of industry, it’s important to have insurance for your company, so your workers are protected due to any injuries or fatalities that can occur.

General Liability : This will cover the basic liability risks every business must face, including bodily injury, property damage to you or your workers.

Product Liability : This will cover any trimming tools, chemicals, fertilizers and sprayers that you sell cause injury or damage.

Commercial Insurance : Having commercial insurance for this type of industry will provide the correct auto insurance your company will need. If you have more than 1 driver in the company, they all need to be covered under the insurance. For example, chippers, log loaders, and bucket trucks all have to have some type of insurance to ensure if any accident occurs or damage done when being out on the job.

Conclusion regardless of what type of tree services you offer, whether you have a small tree trimming company or a large crew of Arborists, you need the right insurance coverage for you at a price affordable. Consult with Brazelton Insurance Group, and they will put you in the right direction for the insurances you need for your company.

Medical & Daily Spa’s Need Insurance

When owning a Medical Spa or Day Spa, it’s important to have the correct insurance, because treatments and services you provide to your customers involve a high risk of personal interaction. Having this personal interaction can cause a huge liability risk.

When growing your business, it would be a good idea to update your liability coverage. Whenever you add a new employee or new equipment to your facilities, it’s important to make sure it’s covered under your insurance.


Basic Spa Coverages Daily Spa Should Have :

Property Coverage – This coverage insures your building, equipment and inventory are protected against loss due to fire, storm, and crime.

Liability Coverage – This coverage covers any accident that happens on the premises, including any slips and falls or burns.

Business Interruption – Covers any operating expenses and payroll, while your company recovers from any disaster.


Basic Medical Spa Coverages Should Have :

The number one important coverage for any medical spa is to have professional liability coverage for each employee who provides any type of treatment. Often times medical spas perform procedures using, harsh chemicals, anesthesia, laser treatment, and injections.

Sexual Allegations – This will cover all employees for the cost of legal attraction if a client alleges sexual misconduct during their treatment.

Malpractice – When a client files a claim accusing someone in your practice for causing injury or a mistake in the treatment they purchased.

Product Liability – This will cover any litigation that involves injury due to laser treatment malfunction, allergic reaction to an injection or equipment failure.

Making sure your company is protected is important or else you risk the chance at losing your company and being shut down. For more information about what coverages are out there for Day Spa’s & Medical Spa’s contact Brazelton Insurance Group today!



Finding Insurance That Can Make Your Business Succeed

In today’s society, new technology is always coming out. They are introducing new products or new updates for your laptop, smartphone, tv, or apps on your mobile device.

Many businesses are still operating on the old technology and at normal speed. Businesses like these are way behind on time and haven’t updated their insurance policy. When getting new devices in the workplace, it’s important you contact your insurance agent, so you can update your information.

How Could This Pertain To Insurance?

Insurances often can at times fail to keep up with the speed these businesses that are acquiring new technology. From threats of hacking and other invasions of privacy, it’s important to have protection over your devices. That’s why contacting your insurance agent as soon as possible is important to do, so nothing happens to your devices.

Brazelton Insurance Group is ahead of the game and on top of the new technology that comes out weekly / monthly. They are here to help make sure your business stays up to date on insurance, and to ensure you don’t get any life-threatening hacks for your business.


Having Insurance For Your New Restaurant

When starting a business for the first time, it’s excited, but the number one thing you’re going to need, is insurance. Many problems can occur when owning a restaurant, equipment failures, fires, customers getting sick after leaving your restaurant and slip-and-falls.

Depending on where your restaurant is located, you might need certain types of insurances to comply with the local laws.

Liquor Liability – Offering alcoholic beverages on menu is a great way to increase profits, but this can cause additional risks. Many states require companies to have a liquor license to carry this liability insurance. It’s important to have this coverage in case an intoxicated customer decides to drive away from your establishment and could potentially cause harm to others.

General LiabilityLiability insurance is needed in case any person is harmed while being at your restaurant. If someone gets sick after eating at your establishment, you will be covered under your liability insurance.

Workers’ Compensation – Many states require you the employer to carry workers’ compensation. This protects the business when any employee gets injured while working.

Fire Insurance – This is a vital insurance needed for any company. It’s important for a restaurant to be covered against fire damage, especially since you’re adding gas cooking to the mix.

Contact Brazelton Insurance Group, for more information on how you get the best coverages for your restaurant.



Having Renters Insurance & Roommates

Let’s be honest, when getting started with renters insurance it’s important to shop around for the best policy. At Brazelton Insurance, they can help find the perfect policy for you. When living with roommates, talking about renters insurance can get a bit confusing because each state is different. Here are some ins and outs of understanding renters’ insurance when you’re living with roommates.

When moving into a new roommates spare bedroom, if they already have renters insurance, see if you can be added to the policy, even though you are not on the lease. This is so if something happens while living underneath your roommate’s house, you may file a claim as well.

Increasing Coverage When Having Roommates

You have a current premium of $15,000 of your total household belongings. When you have a roommate that moves into your house, have them give you a rough estimate on how much there belongings cost. If it is about the same as your current policy, you might have to increase the premium higher so you BOTH are covered. Everything needs to be protected, because if something happens, both parties can file a claim to the insurance company.

Sharing History When Sharing A Policy With Someone

When filing for claims with your insurance policy, keep in mind, they do follow you and they can affect the rates you pay for coverage later on. When sharing a renters’ policy with someone else, you’re sharing the history with them. With having a shared policy, you are being held responsible for the claim, if anything gets stolen or lost. It’s convenient to share renters insurance, but if you’re not on good terms you should consider getting your own policy.

Contact Brazelton Insurance Group for more information about how to set up renters’ insurance!